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Here at the Golden Eagle, we have a vast menu and we understand that some of the foods that we serve and their ingredients can be a little bit difficult to comprehend. That is why we offer this page to answer any questions you may have about our Restaurant in Signal Hill, CA.

#1 What do your breakfast burritos in signal hill come with?
Our breakfast burrito comes with three eggs, bacon, sausage, hash-browns, cheese, salsa, and is wrapped in an extra large flour tortilla.

#2 May I change any of the ingredients in the breakfast burrito?
Of course! You may substitute the eggs for egg whites, hash-browns for beans, and the bacon and sausage may be replaced with Ham, Carne Asada, Turkey Patty, Hamburger patty, Chicken breast or no meat at all! So mix and match your burrito and make it unique to you.

#3 I don’t like hash-browns, what can I change that for?
If you don’t like the hash-browns offered at the Golden Eagle, we will be more than happy to give you cottage cheese and or tomatoes instead- no extra charge.

#4 Is breakfast served all day at your Signal Hill restaurant?
Unfortunately, since we have a high volume of customers during lunch, we have to close down breakfast operations at 11AM to make room for the lunch orders. Breakfast will resume after 3PM.
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FAQ about our Restaurant in Signal Hill, CA

#5 I don’t want the fries that come with the combo lunch plates, can I change them for something else?
The Golden Eagle is ready to make your meal as perfect and you want it! So yes- you can change fries for a small order of Onion Rings, Zucchini or salad at no extra charge!

#6 I don’t like the buns for my burger. Can I get my burger lettuce wrapped?
At the Golden Eagle, we do offer lettuce wrapped burgers and sandwiches.

#7 Is the ranch served at the Golden Eagle homemade?
Indeed it is! Here at the Golden Eagle, we pride ourselves in making the best ranch in town! We have our very secret recipe that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

#8 Can I call in my order?
Feel free to call in your order anytime you’re hungry! We’re open from 6AM- to 9PM on week days and we’ll be ready to take your call!

#9 I have a big order, when is the best time to call?
If you have a large order and you know specifically what time you want to pick it up, then please give us a call 24 hours ahead of time or the day before and we will have that order ready for you!

#10 Is your restaurant family friendly?
The Golden Eagle prides itself in being family friendly. Come on in and there will be booster seats for your little ones, family appropriate television on, and a warm atmosphere. We look forward to serving you.
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